Things to consider when you want to buy liquor online

One of the easiest ways to get the liquor of your choice is for you to buy liquor online. There can be many reasons why you would want to buy liquor online. It could be that your local liquor store doesn’t keep your favorite alcohol or you want to try out something new that has been launched in the world of spirits and isn’t yet available in the area that you stay.

Buying liquor online is an easy way to get the liquor that you want and also helps in saving a great deal of money especially when you buy in bulk.

Buying liquor online is a very easy process. All you need to do is search for the liquor websites. Once you have found a liquor site of your choice you will need to select the type of liquor that you are looking for. When you have found your choice of liquor, whisky, vodka, cognac, beer etc you will need to take a look at the different brands of the liquor available. Once you have selected your liquor you can proceed to make the payment.

When you decide to buy liquor online it is imperative that you go to a secure and reliable website. Looking at liquor providers who have an established name in the market is always a better idea. You should also make sure that the payment gateways are secure so that your personal information is not tampered with and that you don’t become a victim to online fraud and phishing.

When you buy liquor online you should also look out for deals that you can get for your chosen brand of spirit. At times you can get your favorite bottle at a good discount. You can also look out for bulk discounts which you can avail of if you are looking for purchasing your favorite liquor brand in bulk. Some of the established websites also have specials for the week that they list on their website.

If you want to buy high end liquor online then you might have to do a fair amount of searching. High end wines or vintage wines can cost a pretty penny when you are looking to buy the same. While the prices might not vary too much when you are planning to buy expensive wine online, you might just be surprised to get a discount on the same if you keep your search engine working well.

To get an idea of the price of vintage wines you should first try checking out some vintage wine auctions. You will be able to identify your price range easily at these auctions and also get to understand your wine better. Once you have an idea of the prices, you can also look for online bidding for vintage wines. If price is not a concern you can get your hands on many vintage wines. But you also need to keep in mind that there will be shipping and handling charges additional along with the wine that you will have to pay for either before hand or during the time of delivery of your product.

Whenever you decide to buy liquor online make sure that you check the reliability and genuineness of the website first before making your purchase.

Napoleon cognac – his love for fine cognac

One would wonder what is Napoleon Cognac is. The answer being it reveals the age of the Cognac. The facts of the evolution of Napoleon cognac are a bit hazy but what is believed as true is as follows:

Napoleon was very fond of Cognac. In those days, cognac was white and absolutely clear – more like spirit – harsh to drink but yet it was Napoleon’s favorite drink. It so happened that He had to leave for Russia as he wanted conquer this country. Much to his dismay Napoleon realized that there was no way he could carry his stock of Cognac with him. He entrusted his whole store of barrels to his good friends and gave them strict instructions not to disturb his barrels.

When he returned after about Six years he found that his friends had left his cognac safe and sound untouched and undisturbed. In fact he found that since the Cognac in the barrels had aged and matured by Six and a half years it had become tastier. To his delight and surprise it had adapted the color and flavor. It had also mellowed in taste as it had taken over the characteristics of the wood. Napoleon ranked it as the best beverage in the world.

The name cognac comes from the region of France. For Cognac to be called so, it should be from the region of France. If not it can be called Brandy. This means that the wood used to make its barrels must come from the neighboring forests and not from outside of France. Troncais oak wood helps the drink to age faster and also leaves its flavors quickly on the drink but the quality of the finished product may not be as desirable.

When cognac matures very slowly and steadily, it surpasses the quality of any other cognac. For this process, Limousine oak is used. Famous producers like Single Vineyard depend exclusively on Limousine oak.

Cognac, which has aged in Oak barrels for more than Six and a half years, then its manufacturers do not have to go through the formalities of VS-VSOP-Napoleon-XO. On the contrary, he has the freedom and authority to Christine his product with whatever name he fancies. Martha Cognacs are the best examples.

Made in France Cognac, is a fines grape brandy and the best one in the world. It is manufactured in places of Western France. This product is distilled twice from fermented grape juice and matured in barrels made of oak wood.

The French do not allow you to put the Cognac’s age on the bottle. This can be done only if it is a “declared vintage” – which is not an easy thing to do – rather very complicating. This means the “Tasting Age” is announced as16 years by local officers when the tastes the Cognac – This would also suppose that it could from a vintage harvested 15 years ago.

This indicates that if someone claims possessing a 25-year old Cognac it does not talk about its real age when it was blended and filled into that bottle. The Napoleon Cognac could be any time between 25 to 70 years old and has Age at Tasting of about 25 years. The advantage of buying these bottles from Frances that 1 bottle FREE on buying 5 bottles.

What makes abc liquors the foremost contender in their business

ABC Liquors was founded in 1936 in Orlando in Florida by Jack Holloway. He was a cigar store manager who saw great potential in bringing together the cigar and wine business during the end of the Prohibition. His employer did not share his foresight and that led to Jack Holloway going into the spirits business single handed.

It all started with one store called ‘Jacks Friendly Neighborhood Bar’. This store was located in downtown Orlando and became very popular. The coming decade saw Holloway’s business grow in leaps and bounds.

According to the company legend Jack Holloway choose the name ABC Liquors, Inc because he wanted an excellent recall value from people and one which also easily featured first in phone books.

The coming years saw a phenomenal rise of the company where along with the retail stores the company also brought in different types of concept lounges ranging from the neighborhood watering hole style to the discotheque.

In the coming years the company grew form strength to strength. In 1980, ABC Liquors Inc took a huge leap and expanded from central Florida right into the northern peninsula when they purchased Jax Liquors. ABC Liquors had become the country’s largest privately owned wine and spirits retailer with 200 stores under their wing starting from Tallahassee, Boca Raton and Naples.

It was in 1993 that ABC Liquors changed its name from ABC Liquors to ABC Fine Wine & Spirits. This move was made primarily to expand their market reach and get known in larger locations for their comprehensive wine selections.

ABC Liquors have been consistent in their growth pattern and have given a great deal of focus on not just the growth of the company but also in managing the growth of the company well. They have selected new locations keeping for the growth of the company and have been pragmatic in their approach while doing this. They have also closed down certain locations which were not profitable ventures and have also unhesitatingly remodeled older units to keep pace with the changing times.

Understanding the changing market dynamics and realizing consumer focus is something that ABC Liquors has been focusing on consistently. They have ventured to try and find out what is it that drives their customers and have managed to give them the overall customer satisfaction. This has been done by enhancing a customer’s experience in the store by providing excellent customer service and meeting all the customers’ needs.

ABC Liquors or ABC Fine Wine & Spirits as it is now known have remodeled their stores to make sure that they give their clients the best customer experience. All stores display clean lines and wide, open and well lit shopping areas. It is not just alcohol that you will find in the ABC stores today. Along with the alcohol you have a fine selection of gourmet foods to complement your fine selection of alcohol. You can choose fine cheeses, snacks, chocolates and other items that will go with your alcohol choice. What makes the company so successful is their dynamic approach to their business.

ABC Liquors focus a great deal on evaluating the level of their products and services which makes them innovative and flexible to accommodate all their customer needs.

Meukow – a family owned affair.

Meukow is a drink of the privileged. The distillery for this product is run by a family and hence Cognac Meukow is a modern family business. It is one of those famous cognac houses holding high stakes on the family business. In order to survive the stiff competition, the family came up with a brave wave of creating – Compagnie de
Guyenne (CDG). This happened in 1969. The idea was to have it as an umbrella company and Meukow is still a part of and it comprises of many small cognac houses which are in association with Meukow,

In 1862 Karl and August Meukow travelled to Charente in times of Russian Tsar. The purpose of this trip was to find Cognac from this region. It so happened, that in that particular year they established themselves there by founding the cognac house Meukow – and so there was no reason for them to return to Russia. Ever since, now meukow’s history is a strong family support which is successfully running the family business

The Matha distillery is located at Charente Maritime – a historical estate in Brugerolle. The CEO of this company is Philippe Coste and Claude Brugerolle, head of their sales department, assists him. The Black Panther which appears on the product’s bottle is their famous mascot, designed by Philippe’s dad – Michel Coste, in 1995. Other products like Armagnac, Vodka, Gin, Brandy, Rum, Whisky etc. are also covered by their staff which is about 82 people, who make an average turnover of 35 million – 50% of this being cognac.

The Meukow distillery represents the most technologically advanced products of cognac. This distillery in Matha is recently undergone renovation recently and has been raised to the most modern standards. The modernization plan had cost them approx 1.4million Euros. This includes the cost of the most awaited robot for the crating system.

They now have a spacious and absolutely new reception dock, which is capable of housing 18,000 hectoliters along with a newly constructed place to take care of the delivery as well as pick-up of their products. Close to this is their old bottling unit, which was fully restored in the year 2001. Their Six lines of production churn out roughly 13 million bottles in 2009. Currently, Meukow only lacks an automatic system to organize and move the crates around.

Talking of its History, comparatively, it has a very young history. It was christened under its present name in 1947 and holds a very important position in the world market even today. Initially,in 1847, Meukow’s site was a part of Brugerolle Cognac and in

1987 it became a part of CDG. Andre Brugerolle the CEO was an important politician and also a Mayor of Matha – 1958 to 1978. Having started from humble beginnings as a family, they had a sentimental attitude towards their work place. Instead of stocking their spirits in a high tech designed site of Cognac, they chose to use the Brugerolle site – as Phillippe Coste felt their soul was in Brugerolle.

Respecting their traditional and family attributes, they have also been very supportive locally by restoring in their own town, the old clock tower and also the family chapel. It would be the endeavor of the family to maintain the values of the generation and never let go off Cognac from the hands of their family. Symbolically, the next cognac after Meukow would be named “Esprit de Famille”.

Walk into the world of rich warm tasted with hine cognac

Connoisseurs of fine cognac have always been admirers of Hine cognac. Founded by Thomas Hine, Hine cognac has been in the business of cognac for six generations. Thomas Hine had humble beginnings and came from Dorset in England. He left England and travelled to France to find his fortune in 1775. Following an arrest during the French Revolution, Thomas Hines destiny took him to Jarnac which is the heart of the Cognac vineyards. It is here that he founded Hine Cognac in 1763.

A lot of people want to know the difference between Cognac and Brandy. While all cognac is brandy all brandy cannot be termed as cognac. This is because fine cognac can only be created in Charente region located in South Western France. Cognac can only be made in this region only in a specific environment. Anywhere else, brandy producers can use the same methods of distilling wine and even use the same grapes as used in Cognac and age it in the same oak barrels but the resultant brandy will never taste the same as a cognac.

Hine cognac prides itself on its fine taste and aroma. Aged in fine French oak barrels sipping on Hine cognac is like travelling through the fine Grand Champagne vineyards and discovering the warmth and fruitiness of the region. These fine cognacs have different and distinctive flavors. The spicy notes speak of aromatic warm hints of pepper and spices. The Oriental notes in the cognac are rich in their tones combining opulence, warmth, exoticism and sensuality. The floral notes in their cognac bring to the taster a fine abundance of floral perfumes while the fruity notes tease the palette with hints of peaches, tropical fruits and luscious plums.

The sensory journey of Hine cognacs changes from one product to the other. The Hine cognac range is a consistent and fine blend of cognacs which have been aged for at least four years or more. Using the finest grapes from the Grand Champagne region and combining them with grapes from other regions such as Petite Champagne, Fins Bois, Borderies these cognac blends have different aging timelines. Some of the youngest blends are aged for a minimum time of ten years and are perfect accompaniments to a classic hand rolled cigar.

Amongst the most coveted of all Hine Cognac stands the Family Reserve. This blend was made specifically for a discerning New Yorker in 1936. The Family Reserve collection is aged for a minimum period of fifty years or more and is the finest blend of old Grand Champagne cognacs. Released in limited editions this blend is a treat and desire of the true cognac connoisseur.

Hine Cognacs accompany a fine cigar in an excellent manner. Bernard Hine, one of the world’s most accomplished cognac blenders belonging to the House of Hine successfully pairs off Hine cognacs with its suitable cigars. Not only that, he also recommends aptly the time to smoke the cigar and drink the cognac to get the right experience. Hine cognacs make cognac drinking an experience to be reveled in. To revel in this experience open a bottle of Hine’s finest and get drawn into warm and mellow notes.

You need the right yeast to make alcohol

Whether you run a brewery or a distillery or simply love to brew various alcoholic beverages at home you need the right yeast to make alcohol. The yeast that you need depends on the type and strength of alcohol that you desire to make, and better yeasts will ensure that you end up with top quality ethanol or alcohol that will surely please the senses of anyone drinking the heady drink.

Yeast is a micro-organism from the fungi family that starts a reaction in the form of fermentation whenever it is blended in sugar-rich mixtures. Yeast is also used for fermenting various foods in addition to being used for making alcoholic beverages such as whiskey, vodka, rum, wine, beer, etc. Yeast fermentation is usually limited by alcohol tolerance and yeast temperature once it is blended into the mixture containing water and various cereal grains, or fruits, or vegetables too.

Thus, breweries that make lager or regular beer require mild brewing yeast such as yeast saccharomyces or saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast that can survive in mild alcohols when fermented between 15 to 27 degrees Celsius. However, if it is wine that needs to be produced then alcohol producers require wine yeast that can survive in wines with around 12% strength by volume. On the other hand, strong spirits such as vodka can only use distillers yeast such as vodka yeast that can help in producing strong alcohols and spirits without any problem. Whatever your mode of alcohol production, be it professional or personal, you will require fermenting yeast that can survive in the desired alcohol if you want to make alcohol with perfect strength, taste, and character.

However, you will need to pass your mixture of water along with the appropriate grains, fruits or vegetables through several other processes before you reach the fermentation process. The initial process of milling and boiling will help convert starch that is present in your raw material into sugars. This sugar could be in the form of glucose, fructose or sucrose, among others and will be fermentable once yeast is added to this mixture. Other non-fermentable sugars can be retained in the alcohol if you wish to enjoy a sweetened drink. Once appropriate yeast is added then the process of sugar fermentation that could last for several hours or days will slowly convert all fermentable sugars into the desired alcohol.

If you find it difficult to maintain a strict vigil over your temperature and alcohol tolerance settings then you might end up with dead yeast that have only managed to complete part of alcohol fermentation. This could prove to be disastrous especially if the quantity of alcohol to be produced is high. What you require is sturdier yeast such as turbo yeast that can survive in strong alcohols and spirits even when the temperature touches 40 degrees Celsius. Such yeast can also provide for larger quantities of alcohols from weak mixtures. Your production efficiency will increase when you use sturdier yeasts that can tolerate higher fluctuations in temperature and alcohol strength.

Making alcohol is easy when all your processes work like clockwork. It is very important to monitor all your processes including fermentation and using yeast such as turbo yeast will allow for a little leeway while also rewarding you with a higher yield when you make alcohol in your brewery, distillery or even in your own home.

Avoid yeast overgrowth for that perfect alcoholic drink

Whether you want to make alcoholic beverages on a tiny scale in your own home or want to engage in commercial alcohol production, you should avoid yeast overgrowth for that perfect alcoholic drink. It is vital that you infuse your mixture with the right quantity and even quality of yeast so as to end up with alcohol with that perfect strength, taste, clarity, and character.

Production of any type of alcohol or spirit such as beer, wine, vodka, whiskey, rum, etc requires mashing, brewing, fermenting, and sometimes even secondary fermentation and distilling before you can create the final product. The fermentation process converts most sugars that are present in the mixture of water along with different grains, fruits, plants or vegetables, based on your chosen drink into ethanol and carbon dioxide gas. The alcohol strength of the final product will depend on the amount of your mixture, the type and amount of sugars present in that mixture and the type of yeast used for alcohol or ethanol fermentation.

It is very important to choose the right type of yeast that can ferment your chosen liquid without slowing down or even dying as alcohol strength in your fermenting vessel increases. Since the temperature in the vessel is also bound to increase during fermentation, it is vital that your chosen yeast also handles temperature rise with ease. In case you add too little yeast then the yeast might stop fermenting earlier and might not result in a very dry end-product. However, yeast overgrowth will simply result in hectic fermentation during the start of the sugar fermentation process and add dryness and sediments to the liquid mixture but it will not increase the alcohol strength of the end product if that indeed was your aim. The quantity of fermentable sugars in the mixture along with better and purer yeast variant is what will reward you with stronger and purer alcohol.

Again, instead of opting for ordinary yeast that might possess low alcohol tolerance levels and might stop fermenting once your alcohol gets a little stronger for comfort, you should opt for turbo yeast that is fortified yeast at its best. This hardy yeast is enhanced with micro nutrients such as amino acids, enzymes, minerals and vitamins so as to provide it with high alcohol tolerant and temperature tolerant properties. You will need to add less yeast to your mixture even as you receive stronger alcohol in larger yields in return, which in turn will lower your production costs to a great extent. Again, effective draining of excessive sediment will reward you with a purer fermented mixture at the end of your ethanol fermentation process. You will certainly be able to avoid the problem of overgrowth of yeast if you use improved variants of yeast instead of ordinary yeast.

It is extremely important to monitor your mixture at all times as well as add the right amount of all key ingredients including yeast if you want to be rewarded with alcohol that not only tastes good but also has the right flavor, aroma, color, and character. You can avoid yeast overgrowth for that perfect alcoholic drink by using the best possible yeast such as turbo yeast in the first place as well as remove excess sediments before it has time to influence the taste of your mixture in an adverse manner.

Allow your taste buds to experience top rated vodka brands

If you are a true vodka connoisseur then you should surely try out the best vodkas available and allow your taste buds to experience top rated vodka brands. You can have a fun time differentiating between different flavors, aromas and character of various top rated drinks even as you choose your own favorites from amongst the very best in the world.

The best vodkas on the globe need to have a full body, smooth taste, an intense and strong character without being bitter, and needs to cleanly reach your stomach right from your lips so as to instantly please your senses with that very first sip. However, not all vodkas can pass this test since incorrect fermenting and distilling methods can result in strong vodka that might taste very bitter, leave an unpleasant aftertaste, or might even smell and taste like nail polish remover. As an avid fan you might surely have experienced the best, the worst and some unmemorable vodka brands that could help you to make your own choices from these brands that are widely considered to be some of the best top rated vodka brands on the planet.

Some of the best brands of vodka that have been preferred by vodka fans are Absolut from Sweden, Smirnoff from Russia, Xellent from Switzerland, Russian Standard from Russia, Sterling from the UK, Chopin from Poland, Ketel One from The Netherlands, Iceberg from Canada, Ciroc from France, 42 Below from New Zealand, Belvedere from Poland, Grey Goose from France, Ston from Estonia, Boru from Ireland, and many more from several corners of the globe. While the taste buds of different people might love or hate certain aspects of these vodka brands, most people will agree that these vodkas are certainly some of the best that they might have tasted. You too can try out some or all of these brands to find out as to why they have been voted as some of the best and keep on receiving various awards year-after-year.

Most vodka spirits are made using water, sugar and various other ingredients individually or collectively such as potatoes, wheat, rye, sugar beet, molasses, corn, barley, etc so as to produce that distinct mild flavor enveloped in strong alcohol strength. Many vodka drinks also sport various added flavors such as lime, orange, raspberry, etc. Vodka requires a high level of sugar fermentation and repeated distillation and filtration processes ranging from 2 to 10 times to provide that smooth and silky taste that slithers down your throat after bribing your happy taste buds. Most vodka drinks also need to use hardy vodka yeast variants of the saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast family so as to end up with effective ethanol fermentation so that the subsequent distillation process becomes a lot easier. A hardy yeast that can provide excellent ethanol after sugar fermentation is turbo yeast that is fortified with essential micro nutrients. This feature can help small and large vodka producers to improve the quality and strength of their vodka products while lowering their costs at the same time.

Your passion for vodka can retain that heady flame when you sip on some of the best vodka brands that each has its signature character to please your taste buds in different ways. You should certainly allow your taste buds to experience top rated vodka brands even as you have fun in compiling your own list of top brands.

Say cheers while drinking alcoholic beverages from your home distilling kit

If you are an avid enthusiast that wants to go deeper into the method of manufacturing alcoholic drinks right at home then you can now say cheers while drinking alcoholic beverages from your home distilling kit. You can buy readymade kits from stores including online ones and can even make a complete mini distilling plant right at home.

Before you start making ethanol or alcohol at home or buy a distilling kit to turn your hobby into reality, you should check on all local laws in your county, state and country. You should proceed only if you are legally allowed to manufacture any drink alcoholic beverages at home or share it with your friends. If you plan to make drinking alcohol at home or in your garage then you should ensure that all materials used in the kit are of food grade quality. The materials used for construction should also be resistant to strong alcohols and spirits so that there is no corrosion that could cause a problem after a few batches of alcohol is prepared.

You will require a home distilling kit based on the type of alcohol or spirit that you plan to produce at home. A kit that will usually be made up of a distilling pot with a heat source to boil the mixture and a condensing unit to cool down the alcohol vapors and turn them back into liquid alcohol. If you plan to make your own kit at home then you will require a stainless steel pot along with heating elements and a condensing unit that will need to be cooled down with either air or water or any other cooling source. If you are making your own kit at home then you should ensure that you get an expert to help you out in the design and execution of the kit. You can easily find several designs over the internet along with a list of components required, which in turn will make it quite easy for you to manufacture the kit.

Along with the right equipment you will also require the right ingredients to produce your alcohol at home. Depending on the type of drink that you want to prepare you will need matching fermenting yeast to ferment your wash, which is water mixed with the appropriate fruit, vegetable or grain. During yeast fermentation, all fermentable sugars in the wash or mash will turn into alcohol or ethanol. However, you will need to keep strict control over your fermentation process since a sudden rise in temperature above 27 degrees Celsius or the formation of strong alcohol might kill the yeast and result in slow or stuck fermentation, which would result in a bad or lost batch.

However, instead of searching for variants of the saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast, which is mostly used to ferment various alcohols and spirits, you can seek out turbo yeast, which is an excellent form of yeast that provides stronger alcohol at higher temperatures. This super yeast is available in select online stores and you can order small sachets for your home distillery. This yeast along with an efficient kit will enable you to make stronger alcohol with that perfect taste, color, acidity, and character to please your taste buds.

You too can make various alcoholic beverages at home with the right equipment in your hands. However, in addition to a safe distilling kit you also need sturdy fermenting yeast with high yeast temperature and high alcohol tolerance qualities. Once you have the best possible kit and yeast in your hands then you can soon say cheers while drinking alcoholic beverages from your home distilling kit.