Rose liquor.

Rose liquor is a fascinating rose without a thorn. It continues to have beautiful colors and blends. Their different blend gives you a variety of tastes. It takes the blend of a fruit drink, of liquor, or one could also call it nectar. It can be popularly called as rose nectar which can be blended into fascinating cocktails. One can derive the same pleasure from this rose syrup or nectar, as one would on consuming liquor.

In the medical Gazette and Times issue of November 5, 1864 a Report was made on cheap wines. This was because of the problems that existed for poorly made cheap wines. These were then used and recommended for medicinal use. When the bottled was opened it was very disappointing and had no good qualities of wine. Of equal disappointment was its smell and flavor. The joy of smelling Port wine was missing altogether. It certainly was not close to being called rose wine or even wine. On tasting, the palate had to go through God knows how many different sensations- except one. The taste buds first went hot with a taste of spirit, then sweet, then fruity. There was a prominent flavor of Roussillon – which is a French wind made of grape Grenache. It turned out to be a strong and an unwholesome drink (liquor) which had to be purchased quite dearly.

However it is given to understand that the cheap and fortified wines became famous in US only in 1930. This was a commodity of Prohibition and also of the Great Depression. Prohibition gave rise to drinkers who would demand more of beer or distilled-spirit than wine or rose wine as we would like to call it. This happened because their raw material was easily available. Medical wine tonic or fortified wind, which contained about 20 percent alcohol tasted not like wine but definitely more like distilled spirit. This was still wanted and in full demand, and became America’s famous wine. Ranked highest on the on the wine consumer’s list.

Amongst the rose liquors – Wild Irish Rose and also Thunderbird are good fortified wines. They fall in the category of best liquor. Talking of American wine and its liquor sale – its effect had over ruled its taste. Just for information, the word WINO came into being during the Depression when some grieved and unfortunate people started turning to fortified wines to forget their blues.

Off late, cheap fortified wines and liquor provision for the homeless and the poor is of great concern. Corporate liquor groups from Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Portland have appealed to the manufacturers of fortified wines like – Night train brands, Wild Irish Rose,
E & J Gallos Thunder bird etc. to pull their stocks off the market. This would also control the homeless from hanging out in those streets for long or overnight.

As against the Americans or the Indians, who would like to consume this license liquor – Rose liquor, as an after evening and before dinner drink, the Chinese definitely like to enjoy this liquor – by the way, which also happens to be their best liquor, with their food. Rose liquor being known for its varied tastes and friendly blending – has a good liquor price and liquor sale and happens to be the best liquor for many.