Have fun with each sip after distilling gin in your own home

If you want the satisfaction of drinking an alcoholic beverage prepared with your very own hands then you can surely have fun with each sip after distilling gin in your own home. It is not very difficult to learn and implement the distillation process to produce strong and heady gin in your own home, backyard, or garage.

If you want your alcoholic beverages to be slightly strong as well as possess a tangy flavor and character as opposed to other neutral spirits such as vodka then you can certainly try your hand at creating gin right at home. This wonderful spirit is made after fermenting and distilling juniper berries along with other natural ingredients or botanicals to create a strong-yet-smooth spirit that is truly rich in flavors. You can not only enjoy gin in straight form but can certainly create several delectable cocktails such as gin and tonic, gimlet, Tom Collins, gin fizz, Singapore Sling, and several others that are sure to leave an unforgettable mark on your palate.

However, if you do plan to create gin in your own home then before distilling gin, you will need the best ingredients as well as alcohol distillation equipment to boil your intended mixture and collect the alcohol vapors to convert them back into liquid form by condensing them into a collection vessel. The alcohol distillation process is not very difficult but requires precision both in terms of quality and quantity so that your distilled gin tastes just perfect and is embodied with just the right amount of various ingredients such as juniper berries, orange, lime, lemon, or grapefruit peels, anise, root of licorice, nutmeg, and various other spices to impart a remarkable character to this heady spirit. You can impart an alcohol strength of around 40 percent or 80 alcohol proof to gin provided it is legally allowed in your country.

You can use the pot distillation method to distill your fermented mixture at between 80 to 90 degrees Celsius and will need either a readymade kit for distilling gin in your kitchen, garage or backyard, or can even construct your own kit if you are technically gifted to do so. You will require a copper pot or vessel, copper tubing, collection vessel, and ph as well as temperature meters to ensure that the liquid nectar dripping into the collection vessel is perfect in strength and flavor. While other spirits such as vodka can be directly distilled in the pot, gin requires the immersion of all your chosen spices and botanicals into a small cotton bag that is immersed into the boiling mixture to infuse all the wonderful flavors into the resultant gin.

You can easily download instructions to construct your own equipment for distillation of gin in your own premises or can also order for a ready kit that will only need to be assembled before it can be fired up to deliver pure and tasty gin. In addition, you can also download various gin recipes so as to please your own taste buds as well as those of your loved ones when you serve them these delectable recipes that can also be interpreted in your own unique way.

If you are a budding fan of gin that wants to produce this scintillating and heady drink right at home then you can easily do so provided you are legally allowed and have the best possible alcohol distillation equipment at hand. You and your guests can certainly have fun with each sip after distilling gin in your own home and adding your own personal touch to each delectable batch.