What makes richard hennessy cognac a drink coveted amongst cognac connoisseurs

The Richard Hennessy Cognac stands at the top end of the fine Hennessy range. This cognac is named after Richard Hennessy who was the founder of Hennessy distilleries. The Hennessy distillery was established in 1765 by this Irishman and since then has gone on to produce some of the finest cognac selections. The Richard Hennessy Cognac was created by Richard Hennessy himself and thus the foundation of a great cognac house was laid.

The Richard Hennessy cognac is the color of a rich mahogany vibrant in its appearance. It has a complex yet rich palate and achieves a balance between the depth of the wine and the sweet notes of vanilla, raisins, honey and dried flowers. The finish of the drink leaves to the taster the semi sweet flavor of cherries and a deliberating long after taste. This balanced and complex drink releases its bouquet of aromas slowly in the tasters mouth in a succession revealing an extraordinary fine texture and aroma.

Some of the best eau de vie collected from the most coveted vine growing regions goes into the making of the fine Richard Hennessey cognac. This eau de vie is aged for nearly a hundred years to make the excellent cognac in the Hennessy cellar. Each of the eau de vies that go into the making of the Richard Hennessy cognac are selected carefully each for its characteristic properties. Some of the eau de vie used to make this cognac also date back to the early 19th century and are also extremely rare.

The eau de vie used in making a Richard Hennessy cognac is a blend of the Grand Siècle. The Grand Siècle is the epitome of blending complementing wines from the best growths from the Laurent Perriers and the best vintage years. Twelve prestigious wine growing villages supply the grapes that go into the making of the Grand Siècle. It was the era of Louis XIV that came to be known as the Grand Siècle as this era laid the foundation of France’s artistic heritage under the kings patronage. The eau de vie that makes Richard Hennessy cognac are selected carefully by the Hennessy house’s master blenders to present the regal drink. Seven generations of master blenders from the same family blend the Richard Hennessy cognac.

The Richard Hennessy cognac needs to be savored and not drunk. To truly savor its exceptional taste a crystal tulip taster glass or a smaller snifter should be used. These glasses allow the aromas of the cognac to be released gradually. Ideally when you want to appreciate a Richard Hennessy cognac you should first cradle the glass in your palm and swirl the drink so that it begins to release its fine aromas. Once that is done you need to inhale deeply and take a sip to enjoy the full bodied drink.

It is indeed a privilege to taste the Richard Hennessy cognac. A price has been put on this cognac perhaps for commerce alone as one cannot put a price on a spirit that has been aged over generations finally revealing its mature full bodied nature to the taster alone.