What makes pierre ferrand cognac incomparable to others

Pierre Ferrand cognacs are some of the best cognacs in the world. The house of Pierre Ferrand aims to make the best cognac for which they have their own vineyards and a unique state of the art distillation and aging process. This house believes that the art of making fine cognac is actually a lot more than choosing the right grapes and having the right distillation process. They also understand that aging the cognac in casks slowly over a period of time is only one of the essentials that go into the making of a fabulous cognac. The House of Pierre Ferrand places a great emphasis on the precise art of blending.

Pierre Ferrand cognacs are so different and unique in their taste as the cognac producers know the importance of blending that goes into making this fine cognac. It is five generations of cellar masters who have perfected the art of blending a cognac to the desired perfection and then carefully passed it on to the generations ahead. It is at the Logis d’Angeac that these cellar masters have studied and practiced the art of blending the right spirits with one another. Intuition and talent of understanding the spirits let these masters create incomparable cognac.

Pierre Ferrand cognacs have their distinctive taste because of the best varital of grapes used in its manufacture. Their vineyards are located in the Angeac terrior which is in the heart of the Grand Champagne region. Grand Champagne is the premier growth area and the vines from this region are called the ‘Premier Cru de Cognac’. The chalky soil of the Angeac area gives the grapes the required acidity which makes excellent cognacs.

Pierre Ferrand cognacs also owe their unique taste to their art of maturing the wine. The cognac makers at Pierre Ferrand understand that maturing a cognac requires a lot of time and a great deal of patience. Once the eau de vie is collected under the careful guidance of the experienced cellar master after being distilled slowly they are transferred to individual small oak barrels. These barrels are then transferred to the cellars where they are left to mature. Pierre Ferrand has seven different aging cellars out of which some are dry cellars and some are humid. These cellars have thick limestone walls that keep them cool. The cellars having earthen floors are the humid cellars and the ones having cemented floors are the dry cellars. This approach to cognac making ensures that the humidity and coolness of the cellar are maintained constantly to age the cognac perfectly.

During the aging of Pierre Ferrand cognacs it is also made sure that the cognacs spend time in different types of casks. These casks are of different ages and have been toasted to different levels. This process makes sure that while the cognac absorbs the best flavors from each cask there is no undue bitterness that can be caused by too much oak or tannis. Each of these casks lends their specific properties to the cognac and help contribute immensely in the important exchange that happens between the cognac, the wood of the cask and the air. The final product that is achieved after this long process is nothing short of spectacular.