What goes into giving remy cognacs their signature flavor

Three generations of cognac making has gone into the creating the Remy cognac. Founded by Remy Martin in 1724 the cognac made by this cognac maker grew to legendary heights when in 1738 he was granted rights to plant new vines by Louis XV himself despite there being a ban implemented on the planting of new vines in 1831. As the House of Remy continued in the pursuit of making fine cognac, they also started exploring the international market to retail their fine range of cognac. Soon Remy cognacs were established as a world brand by becoming the official supplier to the Imperial and Royal courts.

The secret behind Remy cognacs is the soil from which it comes. Remy cognacs use grapes that are grown only in the Grand Champagne and Petit Champagne region in central France. These two areas are the most sought after growth areas of the total six crus or growth areas. The Grand Champagne and the Petit Champagne region have a unique soil that is chalk flecked. This soil reflects the light perfectly and helps in ripening the grapes to perfection. So much in demand are the grapes from this region that the ground rents are at least 20% higher here than anywhere else in the Cognac region. Not only are the blends of Remy cognacs produced from the Grand Champagne and the Petit Champagne region but almost 50% of the blend is made from the eau de vie collected from the Grand Champagne region exclusively.

The eau de vie collected from the Grand Champagne and Petit Champagne region is so much in demand because of its spectacular aging ability. It is only 17% of the cognac that is made and shipped from this region which is considered in the fine cognac bracket. Out of this 17% of fine cognac, 80% is produced by Remy Martin alone.

For 280 years Remy Cognacs have been the stalwarts in cognac making. They follow the traditional process of distilling the cognac in small copper stills which are called alambics. This process ensures that the already complex cognac gets a better deeper flavor and greater length. The eau de vie, which is the colorless liquid produced during double distillation and fermentation, at Remy is extremely aromatic and delicate. This is because of extended and traditional distillation process. Also Remy Martin and the wine growers of the Grand Champagne and Petit Champagne have a unique partnership since 1965 called the Alliance Fine Champagne which ensures the most rigorous eau de vie selection process.

Finally it is the cellar masters who give Remy cognac its unique intensity and aroma. Remy Martin gives immense importance to its cellar masters as they recognize that it is the cellar masters who give them the end product that remains true to the standards set by Remy Martin Fine Cognacs. It is interesting to note that in the last hundred years Remy Martin has had only four cellar masters. Remy cognacs have a unique aromatic intensity that comes from finding the perfect balance between the wide range of aromas and texture of grapes that they play with. These aroma releases powerful sensations which make a Remy cognac a whole lot more intense and precise and gives it its mellow length.