Napoleon cognac – his love for fine cognac

One would wonder what is Napoleon Cognac is. The answer being it reveals the age of the Cognac. The facts of the evolution of Napoleon cognac are a bit hazy but what is believed as true is as follows:

Napoleon was very fond of Cognac. In those days, cognac was white and absolutely clear – more like spirit – harsh to drink but yet it was Napoleon’s favorite drink. It so happened that He had to leave for Russia as he wanted conquer this country. Much to his dismay Napoleon realized that there was no way he could carry his stock of Cognac with him. He entrusted his whole store of barrels to his good friends and gave them strict instructions not to disturb his barrels.

When he returned after about Six years he found that his friends had left his cognac safe and sound untouched and undisturbed. In fact he found that since the Cognac in the barrels had aged and matured by Six and a half years it had become tastier. To his delight and surprise it had adapted the color and flavor. It had also mellowed in taste as it had taken over the characteristics of the wood. Napoleon ranked it as the best beverage in the world.

The name cognac comes from the region of France. For Cognac to be called so, it should be from the region of France. If not it can be called Brandy. This means that the wood used to make its barrels must come from the neighboring forests and not from outside of France. Troncais oak wood helps the drink to age faster and also leaves its flavors quickly on the drink but the quality of the finished product may not be as desirable.

When cognac matures very slowly and steadily, it surpasses the quality of any other cognac. For this process, Limousine oak is used. Famous producers like Single Vineyard depend exclusively on Limousine oak.

Cognac, which has aged in Oak barrels for more than Six and a half years, then its manufacturers do not have to go through the formalities of VS-VSOP-Napoleon-XO. On the contrary, he has the freedom and authority to Christine his product with whatever name he fancies. Martha Cognacs are the best examples.

Made in France Cognac, is a fines grape brandy and the best one in the world. It is manufactured in places of Western France. This product is distilled twice from fermented grape juice and matured in barrels made of oak wood.

The French do not allow you to put the Cognac’s age on the bottle. This can be done only if it is a “declared vintage” – which is not an easy thing to do – rather very complicating. This means the “Tasting Age” is announced as16 years by local officers when the tastes the Cognac – This would also suppose that it could from a vintage harvested 15 years ago.

This indicates that if someone claims possessing a 25-year old Cognac it does not talk about its real age when it was blended and filled into that bottle. The Napoleon Cognac could be any time between 25 to 70 years old and has Age at Tasting of about 25 years. The advantage of buying these bottles from Frances that 1 bottle FREE on buying 5 bottles.