Star liquor

Star liquor as the name signifies is the star or the best liquors. It could also be something like star liquor of the month, or star liquor of the year, week etc. This would also help the liquor lovers to choose or be introduced to new liquor brands which they have never been able to venture into. This could happen because of lack of knowledge, or the fear of buying expensive liquor without knowing whether it’s going to be palatable or not. So when a particular drink is declared as the Star Liquor of the week, month or year people know they cannot go wrong picking it off the shelf.

Many years from now, distilled spirits made by America were not difficult to find. Legendary Bourbon Companies in Kentucky were producing whiskey by barrels while the pickins went a little slow and slim. Talking of today, places like Wisconsin has nine liquor companies making differently flavored and a unique variety of liquor and spirits to suit the palates of different crowds, different age group etc. The produce whiskey, rum, vodka, absinthe, honey liquor, apple brandy, horseradish vodka and so on and so forth the list can go on and on.

This sort of mix and match and blending of flavors is going wild and distilling different kinds of liquor throughout the world. Distilleries have been popping up by the dozens. Vermont based Vermont spirits are made of maple syrup. Now maple syrup, as we all know is a good ingredient used in deserts – either as a topping or as an ingredient in the making itself. Our Rogue Distilling based in Oregon has been known for its innovative skills in making beer but now they have also diversified into producing whiskey which is uniquely matured in barrels in the famous Pacific Ocean – Height of innovation.

This sort of a movement of growth, diversification and innovation is progressing at an absolute fast forward speed and is moving towards a golden age. Giving it a greater thought in the past i.e. around 1980 it would be difficult to find beer made by of good giant macro company. Today, however, there is a drastic change of scene – today one beer drinker would not get a chance to drink the same beer twice, in the whole year if he does not wish to – as so vast is the choice and range of beers available.

Now, the range and choice of spirits is falling in the same track and moving at the same speed. Spirits are more steeply priced than beer and are definitely stronger and not an easy and happy go lucky drink like beer. Hence trying a variety of spirits may be a bit more daunting as compared to beer. Most of the liquor lovers have their favorite choice and tend to stick to it. This is a little unlikely in the adventurous, wild and vast world of craft beer lovers.

For star liquor lovers the Madison Malt Society has come up with a great brain wave. This society has now planned a tasting event which is slated for every February. Here all the spirits that USA has to offer come together. This event is a treat for the star liquor lovers. There are about 40 counters manned by the distillers themselves who can guide you find and cultivate a taste for the Star liquor or the Star liquors.