What makes remy martin cognacs a connoisseurs treasure

Remy Martin Cognacs have been a hallmark in the fine art of cognac making. It was in 1724 that Remy Martin a young winegrower established his company in the Cognac region in France. For over 280 years Remy Martin has been making some of the finest cognac that can be found across the world. The years 1830 to 1874 saw the creation of some of the finest cognacs from the House of Remy. In 1830 the Remy Martin Grande Champagne Cognac was created. Subsequently in 1848 the Remy Martin Fine Champagne Cognac was created.

The Remy Martin Cognac brand saw further strengthening of its brand value when in 1870 the Centaur symbol was introduced to represent Remy Martin. This symbol was introduced by Paul-Emile Remy Martin and was his zodiac sign. This sign was representative of the alliance between man and nature and finally became synonymous with the Remy Martin Cognacs.

The years 1898 and 1927 were significant to the House of Remy Martin. It was in 1898 that finally after many years of aging the Coupe Fine Champagne was released by Remy Martin. This cognac had the ‘greatest aromatic breadth’ and was released by Paul Emile Remy Martin himself. In the year 1927 the Remy Martin Fine Champagne VSOP was released. This cognac received a resounding success because of its impeccable taste and superior quality. Shortly after in 1937, Remy Martin became the official supplier to the Imperial and Royal courts and thus began the rise of a world cognac brand.

Remy Martin has a long drawn and lengthy process of making their fine cognac. The House of Remy Martin chooses its grapes from the two best crus or growth areas in France. These areas are that of Grand Champagne and Petit Champagne. The produce from this area is so coveted because of its unique chalk flecked soil. The porous soil also makes sure that the vines receive a steady water supply and the gravely exterior of the soil reflects the sunlight to the grapes helping them mature perfectly. It is because of this that the average ground rent in this area is higher by at least 20% than in the entire Cognac region.

The unique Remy Martin cognac blend is achieved by masterfully blending the eau de vie from the Grand Champagne and the Petit Champagne region with almost 50% of the total coming from the Grand Champagne region. The quality of the cognac is maintained because of a pact between Remy Martin and the winegrowers and distillers of these two regions called Alliance Fine Champagne. With the help of this alliance Remy Martin makes sure that it gets the best superior quality grapes for its cognac.

Once the eau de vie has been collected the Remy Martin cognac making process is on the roll. The wine is then distilled and given to age in French Limousin oak barrels. These barrels lend their unique flavor to the cognac. Since the excellent quality of grapes used for making the cognac have a great aging capacity, Remy Martin ages the eau de vie for much longer than the required time to get the deep aromatic breadth that their cognac is known for.